Thursday, September 29, 2011

October's Fat Scaring Workout!

Hey everyone. We have another great total body circuit workout for you this month. In case you haven't heard, Wilmington Lady Fitness will post a new member workout plan every month. You can watch the video links here or go to You Tube directly.

Every exercise in our workout plan has modifications and our staff will be trained to demostrate the exercises for you one on one. Call the club to set up your workout 910-392-3339.

October's Workout:

3 Way Lunge (24 reps each leg)

Bosu Pushups (max reps)

Kettlebell Swing (40 reps)

Dumbbell Curl & Press (12 reps)

3 Way Shoulder Fly (24 total reps)

Tricep Press Ups (max reps)

Stability Ball Pull Ins (max reps)

Stability Ball Side Crunch (24 reps each side)