Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Custom Fit Meals Works!

If you are not losing weight from your exercise program you have one or two problems. Your not exercising enough (intense or long enough) OR your diet isn't as good as you think. In most cases of diet, many people are confused about what is healthy and what is not healthy.

Most people are confused about their diet and don't realize it. Due to powerful and maliputive marketing, what you may think is healthy may not be. For example, cereal companies are leading us to believe that since they have fiber and a long list of vitamins and minerals on the side panel that they promote health. Unfortunately, they also provide sugar (natural or not), sodium and processed grains. An individual would be better off taking their multi-vitamin and a fiber supplement and forget the extra calories from the refined ingredients.

Whole foods that are minimally processed should be the cornerstone of every diet. Lean sources of protein such as natural caught fish, chicken and turkey breast. Small amounts of lean red meats, raw nuts and seeds. Fruits & Vegetables that you can buy in the produce section. Whole foods provides our diets with bulk that will control your appetite naturally, ample amounts of fiber and phyto-nutrients that you can't buy in a bottle.

The main reason many people don't eat whole foods more is because of convenience and know how. It takes time, effort and knowledge to pleasure our taste buds with health food. Our meals typically are bland and lack variety or excitement. Until now getting healthy food that is as convenient as a fast food drive through was impossible. Our Custom Fit Meals provides pre-portioned fresh whole foods. Each meal includes a variety of vegetables and lean protein. You will only find delicious health food and nourishment that your body craves. If you want a low fat, low cal desert or imitation "diet" pizza you won't find it in their menus. Custom Fit Meals cooks only the nutritious foods. You will have to get anything else on your own.

I challenge you to try a week of Custom Fit Meals. Try 3-4 meals a day for the work week and let us help you design a plan for the weekends. You will find that you are spending less money than you think on the service because you are replacing your typical groceries and cutting the cost with spoiling leftovers in your fridge. My wife and I have notice a big decrease in spending on impulse foods that pad the grocery bill and make far less trips to the store.

In good health,

Brian Autry