Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Holiday Fitness Workout

These are great at home or while traveling workout routines. Come see us demonstrate the exercises in our "Fitness Feast" clinic. Call us for dates and times 910-392-3339.

Happy Holidays!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

October's Total Body Workout

This month's workout includes a three exercise complex for the kettlebell and suspension training system.

Perform 2-3 sets of each complex while minimizing rest between exercises.

All fitness levels can perform these exercises. The tempo, load and ROM (range of motion) can be regressed for those new to fitness.

If you would like  complementary coaching on this workout please contact me at 910-392-3339 or via email

In good health,

Brian Autry

Sunday, August 12, 2012

August's Total Body Circuit

This workout comes from our Thursday Metabolic Circuit session.

Metabolic Circuit is a group personal training program that combines strength training and anaerobic intervals. The goal of the workout is to accelerate calorie burning during AND AFTER your session!

Traditional aerobic exercise does zero for your metabolism and even may lead to slowing it down in some cases.

Those that solely rely on long aerobic exercise bouts such as jogging tend to create a muscle wasting effect and increase stress hormones such as cortisol.

The longer, more intense and the more often the individual performs aerobics the worse.

In addition, those that log tons of cardio miles must continue their regimen or their body will gain weight quickly. Eventually this leads to flabby, broken down (injuries) body's that lack any substantial or functional muscle tissue.

The majority of the energy and muscular movements that we perform daily are anaerobic. The movements are short in duration. Climbing our stairs at home, lifting objects in awkward positions or running to catch our kids.

The answer to a leaner and more versatile body is functional anaerobic cross training.

That is...short intense exercises that uses all functional planes of motion and builds muscular strength and endurance.

Cross Training combines not only different types (modalities) of exercise but encompasses flexibility and core conditioning(dynamic and static).

During my Metabolic Circuit workouts I use the exercises that are not only going to give the client the most calorie burning reaction but improve strength, toning and functionality.

Actually, this is the goal of all our personal training programs at Wilmington Lady Fitness.

Often times, individuals don't perform the right exercises at the right intensity level to achieve results. Sub maximal exercise is just another form of aerobics with weights.

To stimulate the metabolism and improve fitness strength improvements on compound, total body exercise must accur. Unfortunately, too much isolation work and machine sitting is performed. Isolation in many cases is the cause for many dysfunctional bodies and injuries.

And, is not the effects of sitting too much what we are trying to combat.

We are making some great and innovating programing changes in the fitness industry right now. The best in our industry are breaking away from the traditional exercise models to make immediate and noticeable improvements to people lives.

Getting up and out chairs, getting the human body to move how it is intended will be the focus in the years to come.

Strength, metabolism and functionality should be the cornerstone of every fitness program.

In good health,

Brian Autry

PS. I am available for programing and consultations regarding metabolism, nutrition and exercise.