Saturday, March 19, 2011

Circuit Workouts: Burn Fat, Scupt & Boost the Metabolism

The circuit training workout has been around for ages. When I first read about it, it was called "the perpheral heart circuit". Or something close to that. Basically it meant, pump blood throughout the body with exercising different muscle groups in sequence with little rest.

Circuit workout basics:

Train all major muscle groups with little to no rest between exercises.

The benefits of Circuit Workouts:

Burn lots of calories

Tone/Strengthen while receiving cardiovascular benefits

Quick workouts

Fun & Challenging

With today's busy lifestyles the circuit is great way to get a quick workout. You can throw in a 20 minute circuit anywhere during the day. The exercises you choose for your circuit are dependent on your fitness goal and your other activities. The following are some guidelines to building a circuit plan.

Decide your goal.

What body areas do want to work? Is your goal to tone & strengthen, or do you want to burn lots of calories and get some aerobic benefits?

Choose the number of exercises, repetitions and number of sets of the circuit.

Go through each exercise with little to no rest between each. You might want to consider the order you placed each exercise.

Rest briefly after all your exercises are completed. Repeat the circuit for additional sets.

Never under estimate the intensity of a circuit. If you choose the right weight and repetitions it should be tough. Sets 2 and 3 should be really tough!

Circuit training systems can be more cardiovascular based workouts. In the example below you could perform each exercise for 2 minutes. Before you begin you would pick your intensity level each.

Cardio/Aerobic Circuit

Bike, Aerobic Step, Jump Rope, Elliptical, Trampoline Runs, Jumping Jacks, Treadmill, Bosu Foot Taps, Swing Kicks

You could add toning and strengthening exercises like pushups, crunches or lunges to the aerobic circuit inorder to make it a total body conditioning workout.

The days of sitting and resting between sets of exercise is over. Shorter workouts with less rest between sets is a great may to boost the metabolism and total fitness.

Weekly Workout Plan for Weight Loss

Monday: 20 minute upper & lower body circuit, 40 elliptical

Tuesday: 40-60 minutes Treadmill interval training 0r aerobics class such as Spin

Wednesday: 20 minute upper & lower body circuit, 40 minute elliptical

Thursday: 40-60 minutes treadmill interval training or aerobic class such as Step

Friday: 20 minute cardio circuit and pilates

Saturday & Sunday: 60-90 minute walk with children, husband or friends (Get outside and go moderate intensity.)

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In good health,

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